Whether there is a sex after wedding?

Often in many years of joint life sexual life of pair practically comes to naught. Sex if happens, for the man serves as simply necessary physiological discharge, and to the woman doesn’t bring that pleasure which she wanted and could receive.

In the course of time the offenses which stated and haven’t been stated, unresolved problems, fatigue from almost round-the-clock communication with each other, household and economic routine, generally all that least promotes both passions, and tendernesses – to two integral components of harmonious sexual life collect. I do not think what to return a former inclination to each other it is possible in all cases.

I think that at the heart of good sex good relationship lies. And first of all, it is necessary to adjust them. Happens, unfortunately, that people live for years, actually hardly taking out each other. Here about good sex speech of a message it is difficult, and such marriages – “punk” are better for terminating – they gradually and imperceptibly kill both. But if the relations in pair good, people respect each other, miss the friend the friend, last one to another – simply that is called …. «the routine jammed» – that to us, to women, it is necessary to take business in hand.

It is considered that man’s sexual activity assumes also an initiative in sex – therefore many women simply «silently wait» when the man will show this initiative, but as in the course of time it happens everything more rare, quality of sexual contacts far not at height.

Sexuality of the woman in the course of time grows, and deep discontent with the intimate life – too. But she got used that the initiative was shown always by the man, and it isn’t come to simply mind that can be somehow differently. And after all if the man sees about itself the woman who is not showing interest to sex, – the last that to it will come to mind, it that she waits for an initiative from it. No, everything is much simpler – to it will come to mind that sex by it simply isn’t necessary (it at the best, and in the worst – that she doesn’t want it). Consequences of such man’s decision can be the most unpleasant for the woman, as it is known. Also it is not necessary therefore to anything to be surprised …

What can we make, women at least to recover the sexual life in long-term marriage and how at most – completely it to adjust, make to both harmonious and bringing pleasure?

Please – it is not necessary to “think” of anything. To doubt, analyze, be perplexed, to be afraid etc. Sex – not that area where it is necessary to think. It is the territory where the woman needs to relax and open.

We add a little romanticism. Change of scenery

Romanticism is a not only family rest on holiday in “resort”, romanticism is unexpected pleasant emotions which you deliver to the man and which come back to you in the double size. To buy expensive tie on birthday – it is remarkable, but … it is expected! From time to time give it any pleasant trifles simply so, unexpectedly, without cause. Something that will be pleasant to it or will make laugh it. Simply because you love it, because you together because it – simply exists. Descend in small cozy small restaurant only together – without children, without friends and relatives. Cover and serve up a dinner not where always, and in other, unusual place – on a small little table in a bedroom, for example, – and in a coquettish apron of the maid.

Invite the man to a dinner in restaurant at hotel, in advance having reserved there room for the night, but don’t speak to it about it is let it will be for it a surprise, and for you the unusual and romantic situation becomes the catalyst of strengthening of a sexual inclination to the partner. He won’t refuse, I assure you, and money for it it is not necessary to be sorry – both of you receive much more. «Change scenery» at least once a month – always it is possible to think up something, and it should be not obligatory expensively and difficult. And, of course, we remember that sex is possible and it is necessary to be engaged not only in a matrimonial bed …

We show gratitude

I already wrote that good sex is continuation of good relations. Don’t forget and don’t hesitate to thank the man for everything that it does for you. What it was – in this question it is impossible to go too far. It is very important to men to feel the necessity, the value. Put on a table a plate – thank with a lovely faint smile, called and told that slightly will be late, – don’t arrange interrogation, and thank him that called and didn’t force you to worry. Certainly, value of gratitude in its sincerity. The grateful man feeling the value, necessity and the importance for you, and in a bed will be good – the man’s psychophysiology so works, and she works smoothly.

Games at distance

From time to time play with darling games at distance – yes, all these ambiguous sms, a note with a hint which it is possible to enclose there where it it is guaranteed it will see, eventually simply sometimes sex by phone (hope, now nobody fainted?). Many consider that all these “features” – for «candy букетного» the period of the relations, instead of for family life. It is far not so! In our female hands to prolong or revive this fine period of romantic and sexual flirtation. Certainly, it is necessary to know time and a place that is called. If it now has the major meeting, to call on mobile with the story how you «slowly-slowly remove … something there» – will be not so successful invention.

«Fastly Sex» it is not always bad

Often longer prelude, than to men is necessary to women, – after all the woman is raised absolutely in a different way. Among other things, women not so love “fast-sex” because at heart consider that during this moment the man uses them as sexual object. But for the man often sex – almost only way to express you the love! And, by the way, «sexual object» to be not too bad if to ponder. From time to time afford not only long and sensual sex with mutual caresses, and and “fast”, as though “in a hurry”. It will bring a variety your intimate life, will open to you new sides of sensuality and sexuality in itself and, certainly, will give pleasure to your darling.

Tactile feelings

Touch it several times a day – and I now not about actually sex. Simply take by the hand, приобнимите, stroke on a cheek, somehow still caress – daily touches to each other pull together people at thin power level, them starts to pull to each other – such is our nature. Among other things, it very much develops mutual sensuality, improves sensual perception of the world – these feelings of a touch to warm skin of darling.

Surprises matter

And certainly, sex not always should be planned – moreover if we want to revive former passion and romanticism, it should be as though perfectly and not planned. The man will always estimate and will respond not unexpected sexual game. Anywhere – it is possible, for example, sitting on a visit or even at relatives at the table, to say in low tones on an ear to darling something such … that will instantly awaken his imagination. Believe, upon return of home you expects absolutely
unforgettable night!

Show, for example, an initiative in the morning – in the morning when the man is full of strength. Let your darling will wake up from your caress, from your desire. And please, leave during this moment the head “empty” – don’t think neither of children, nor about school, about a breakfast or work …. about anything in general, besides, that occurs between you here and now! Make eventually something such that you never did earlier. Men actually very much love, when the woman herself shows an initiative.

Certainly, it is necessary to do everything competently, considering features of man’s psychology and physiology. If rolled up, zamordovanny on work and the hungry man which tomorrow to hand over the project, in the doorway, without any preparation for that the wife in «a suit of the nurse» meets – the effect can be opposite.

p.s. Anna Marushko.