The main symptoms of infertility

There comes a moment when a woman thinks about the child’s birth. But not always conceiving a child – a simple procedure. Sometimes when all endeavors couples wanted pregnancy does not occur, even if tried all the positions and all the methods of natural conception.

Infertility – is a hard diagnosis, and is considered accurate if the couple leading a regular sex life for a year or two, no pregnancy occurs.

What is Infertility?

Of course, the lack of pregnancy in the absence of contraceptive measures – it is, in fact, is the most important symptom of infertility. But it is often confused with the causes of infertility – various problems in the body that interfere with normal fertility.

These reasons may be various – from visually prominent and accepted for acts of infertility, to completely tangible, but, nevertheless, do not permit a woman to experience the joy of motherhood. There are certain warning signs that can bring a woman to the idea that it is not all right to reproductive function and prompted her to seek testing and treatment.

Infertility is a primary, or absolute – no matter what is done is to give birth naturally be impossible. This happens very rarely, and mostly – malformations of sexual organs: severe abnormalities of the structure of the uterus and appendages, its absence or severe hypoplasia. In addition, the diagnosis will be women, never in my life beremenevshih without protection.

In all other cases were secondary infertility, when a woman has been pregnant before, and temporary problems in the body, preventing pregnant right now or with a specific partner.

Hormonal problems

Endocrine, or hormonal infertility – it is the most common problem. Suspect a problem with the hormonal background can and the woman – the measurement of basal body temperature, or in the application of tests for ovulation.

If there are no signs of hormonal infertility ovulation: basal body temperature chart monotonous and test strips for ovulation during the proposed release of the egg show a negative value.

Usually, hormonal problems in women are expressed in violation of menstruation – they are irregular, very scarce or too plentiful, painful, delays may occur. Severe hormonal disorder is amenorrhea – a condition where menstruation ceases altogether.

The main symptoms of infertility

Suspected endocrine disorders in women with active hair growth on the body – legs and arms, if the body hair from the pubic area is raised “track” the navel, goes to the hip, and the hair grows profusely. This is a sign of excess androgens.

Excess hormones “gives” excessive greasiness and oily skin, acne and seborrhea.

All of the above symptoms are an indication for blood hormone levels and its correction.


Often women and men, without knowing it, have a “bunch” of sexually transmitted infections.

Are dangerous latent infection who have no symptoms or their symptoms are minimal. This ureaplasma, herpes viruses, particularly sexual (genital), human papilloma virus, cytomegalovirus, chlamydia, and candidiasis (thrush), whose support is often the men. Dangerous infections of genital tract inflammation and adhesions in the fallopian tubes, resulting in conception becomes impossible.

When planning a pregnancy should be sure to take a blood test and swabs from the genital tract for both partners to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Health Problems

Problem of infertility can be adenomyosis, or endometriosis, a serious disease of the sexual sphere. Disrupt the process of conception can polyps inside the uterus, fibroids, adhesions due to early abortion or curettage. They can be felt painful menstruation, intermenstrual spotting bleeding, discharge after sex. In these cases, therapy.

Irregularities in the ovaries, the presence of cysts in them entails the use of hormonal contraceptives for the correction of the appendages.

Not always the problem of infertility – a female trouble. Often men are the main “culprits” non-occurrence of pregnancy. They can fight to the last and do not recognize the problem, will emphasize the fact that they have never had a problem that the previous marriage has children, they have no pain.

If you are healthy or cure, and your partner at least once in his life had sexual infection if he loves outdoor recreation, swimming in open water, in a word – it has the possibility of hypothermia genitals, he has bad habits or overweight, he needs visit a urologist and make semen.

Men are surprised to learn that they have prostatitis, and the quality of their sperm is poor, and they need therapy. Post-treatment fertility is restored, and many couples in the coming months take on a baby.

Special factors

Sometimes there is no apparent reason why fertility, but the pregnancy does not occur. You may have a psychological infertility. This is a feature of the woman – in times of stress to bear no crumb
very well, and the body is waiting for the woman to calm down.

Sometimes does not conceive a baby fad diets and extreme thinness. Proved by reducing the weight below 45-50 kg (depending on growth) can become anovulatory menstruation or even disappear. However, obesity can also be a barrier to conception, especially when obesity is the second and more power. All matter is in hormones, changes in metabolism.

Sometimes do not have any reasons for infertility in women, nor her partner, and then talk about the incompatibility of the pair. When the genital tract of women do not take the man’s sperm antibodies and destroy it.

In any case, infertility today – it’s not a sentence. Many diseases can be treated successfully, operate and allow the pair to become happy parents.

Author – Anna Marushko