Sochi Olympics will open heroes of Russian fairy tales

Open the Olympic Games in Sochi, the heroes of Russian fairy tales will be the first Russian emperor. The ceremony will be held February 7, 2014 at the Central Stadium in Sochi.

The details of the opening ceremony of the Sochi-2014 “News” said a source close to the Agency for the opening and closing ceremonies, which is responsible for the script of the holiday. The script has already been agreed with the International Olympic Committee. “But for the remaining time of opening the script may change. There are other scenarios, but this option – the main “- said the source.

The show will take place on three stages. The whole ceremony will consist of nine stages – each of them will talk about the different stages of Russian history.


In the first part with the working title “Russia: Welcome to Sochi” uses the image of three. Three crews will arrive on three sides and promchatsya the road, illuminated by the sun, in the second stage. Apparently, it is an original quote from Gogol’s “Dead Souls.” At the same time, in the third stage will be the five Olympic rings, and the first – Ice Arena. Then replace horses silk flag of Russia, which in the course of the episode “Heart of the Kremlin” take off.

Next on the ice arena will appear Kamchatka, the Ural Mountains, Chukotka, Elbrus, the lake, the White Sea, etc. All of these elements merge into a single entity, which is the sun will shine again. This performance Sochi organizing committee called “a lot of people – one nation.” Him to begin the protocol part – pass Olympians “Here heroes.”

When teams come out on stage all the countries participating in the Olympic Games, will begin the next part of the show – “Legends under ice”, dedicated to medieval Russia. Against the background of the nine church towers will be heroes of Russian fairy tales – the mermaid and 33 warrior.

The next part – “Imperial Russia.” At the first stage will be fleet of five ships under the command of Peter the Great, and the second – “imperial interior” 22 columns, chandeliers 5 different sizes and 10 fountains.

Of Imperial Russia will take viewers to the XX century. Organizers will create atmosphere of the time with architectural structures (on the stage will be 15 buildings) and geometric shapes (circle, cone, cube, sphere). All this will be filled with urban surroundings rain. On the next scene will show six locomotives, six bridges and sculptures.

Finished appearance of the Olympic Flame ceremony.

The organizing committee “Sochi-2014” to comment on the script of the Olympic Games have refused.

Information on the cost of the Games is also not disclosed. At the opening of the Olympic Games this year, Britain has spent $ 42 million ceremony in Vancouver two years ago, was worth $ 40 million