Smartphones and tablets are added for two hours of working time

As the results of the study, the owners of smartphones with e-mail is checked for new messages 20 times a day, which adds about 2 hours of working time.

The study was carried out by Pixmania optional resource TripAdvisor. It was found that on weekends and holidays, the majority of mobile devices continues to work with e-mail, about the same percentage of people these days solves operational issues over the phone. New means of communication have a direct impact on the working day. An average of 9 to 10 hours a modern person spends at work, and even added about two hours by e-mail and phone calls. Moreover, one in ten respondents admitted to mail on your phone or your computer takes about three hours a day, writes Telegraph.

The researchers found that nine out of ten office workers can open the email on your phone, and two-thirds of their check boxes in the morning or just before going to bed. It was found that the largest proportion of respondents first time that day, check email between six and seven o’clock in the morning. At this time, a third of respondents for the first time opens the e-mail, and the quarter finished processing mail between eleven pm and midnight.

Ghada Hobeika (Ghadi Hobeika), Director of Marketing at Pixmania, which conducted the study, did not very optimistic conclusion. He stated that many employers expect employees to remain available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the advent of smartphones only worsened the situation, with a mobile phone in the pocket of the person actually loses the opportunity to resign. The more access to employees, the more his work load.