Love lessons from Angelina Jolie

In one of interview actress Angelina Jolie complained that it has few girlfriends. Still, even fans of the actress prefer to admire it at distance. Hardly on light there will be a man, capable to resist the woman whom British in 2007 recognized as a sex symbol of all times and the people. Million girls daily buy magazines and with greed peer at its photos, get a grasp of interview to understand, how to become same attractive and sexual.

Angelina says that came to harmony only when learned to be natural: «I felt beautiful when was on shootings in Cambodia. I sweated, hair got confused, but I was happy, felt beautiful and sexual because I was for the first time myself». Well, if Angelina sometime opens the school of temptation, it will be its most successful project. After all nobody knows about men so much, she how many learned.

Lesson the first: try everything

Mixture of blood often gives an explosive mix as left and in a case with Angelina Jolie Voigt, the daughter of known actor John Voight and the actress Marshelin Bertrán. By inheritance Jolie managed genes of several people — Slovak, German, French-Canadian, Dutch and irokezsky. Certainly, the child with similar “luggage” couldn’t be quiet and tender. “Rattling” heredity could be corrected due education, but parents, alas, had no time to watch manners of the daughter.

Marshelin, being not in forces to suffer continuous changes of the husband, left from it, hardly Anghie was executed year. To lift up children, young mother vanished on shootings. The reminiscence of scandals and eternally absent parents — such model of a family was taken out by Angie from the childhood. «I hated the whole world, all fathers and mothers who throw the children. I didn’t believe neither in love, nor in friendship and waited for nothing from the future» — so later the actress described that was created at it in soul.

With such attitude and without that the dangerous teenage period turned into circulation on an edge edge. At school the girl didn’t accept neither contemporaries, nor teachers. It even wrote down in group of children which need a psychological assistance. Just then Angie visited for the first time funeral of the grandfather — the sad show found the response. Angelina began to say to people around that dreams to become the owner of funeral bureau, and filled school writing-books with images of crosses and coffins. Then it got two fatal passions of the life: to black color and the weapon.

With Johnny Li Miller

Since thirteen years Angie started to collect knifes. All her hands were in cuts. But also it was a little. It tried different types of drugs, from an acid to cocaine, painted hair extremely violet color and in fourteen years brought home the friend with whom lived two years. Certainly, boys paid to it attention — to pass by the girl who is afraid of nothing, it was impossible. But once Angie in the fearlessness nearly didn’t make nonsense.

Together with the roommate they experimented in sexual games knifes: «When we made love, emotions were necessary, and we had to cut each other. Therefore after each such night we had to throw out bedding». One of such games ended with a cut on a carotid, doctors had to work, rescuing the patient. So Angie realized for the first time that to any shocking there is a limit.

Therefore: Angelina seriously will be fond of shootings at cinema. It is simpler to live emotions in roles as a bird a phoenix, each time perishing and being again restored to life. «I have tattoos, I carry skin, but in me there is also other party which is reflected by my roles» — Angelina spoke, remembering how looked for itself.

Lesson of the second: the real force in softness

In eighteen years Angelina starts to act in film, but as she always wishes to try something brand new and doesn’t hide it, many roles expose it not in the best plan. She doesn’t hesitate to participate in frank erotic scenes, having won a “hot thing” title. The actress эпатировала mass media, telling that with fans it is better to sleep, than with admirers. Actually, all these novels, let and short-term, mixed only on sex, gave to Angelina the feeling of integrity lost in the childhood and love.

On a legend,
having seen once itself in the film “Cyborg-2”, Angie so will be terrified that will order own murder … to the professional killer who will manage to dissuade the girl to commit suicide. This hearing, as well as all others, Angelina extended itself. But there was a person who didn’t frighten a “mad” image of the actress. On a film “Hackers” set Angelina got acquainted with actor Johnny Li Miller.

To a passion premiere of the film between them boiled so strongly that they celebrated a wedding in the style. The bride put on black leather trousers and a white T-shirt ceremony, on which blood wrote a name of darling. «Bloody bonds», however, didn’t fasten marriage. Both had too many hobbies. Spouses divorced, but remained friends. Thus Angelina already then understood that in search of protection by which it was deprived since the childhood, went too far. It is possible to be strong and weak at the same time.

Therefore: Angelina at last began to pay attention of the feminity. As she admitted later: «After the film “Hackers” on me offers fell down to play the mannish korotkostrizheny maidens dressed in skin and beating backhand. I refused — I consider that force can be very womanly». Life experience with Johnny showed that it is possible to involve men with scandalous manners, but to hold to turn out only tenderness.

Angelina Jolie and Billey Bob Thornton

Lesson the third: look for not the husband, and the father of future children

In 1999 Angelina will make, maybe, the most scandalous act in the life. For the film «Interrupted life» to it will award “Oscar” as to the best supporting actress. During an awards ceremony the actress so emotionally makes a declaration of love to the brother that across Hollywood streamlets hearings about a forbidden incestuous relationship will run. Perhaps, for the first time Angie herself was frightened of deeds. Probably, the aspiration to disprove wild hearings will force it to marry hastily in the second time.

This time not young boy, and the burned cynic, the lady’s man — actor Billey Bob Thornton became her elect. Though Angelina was seriously enamoured — «when I think about Bills, it becomes difficult to me to breathe» — at heart she suspected that hardly this union will last all life. And still it did everything that their relations banished the terrible demon of the loneliness so often visiting Angie. Spouses got married secretly, having exchanged tattoos and test tubes with blood of each other. Mad family life with gifts for Christmas in the form of gravestones and sites on a cemetery began to flow. Bills this Gothic performance was pleasant, Angelina felt soon that was tired. She became the hostage of own image which carefully created for many years. All were given it these flirtations with death more difficultly, Angie gradually came to that happiness in something another.

After shootings in Cambodia as Lara Croft, the peculator of tombs, she felt for the first time free. It was the first film when she played herself. As soon as Angie understood it, her life started to change.

Therefore: Angelina publicly declared that courage — it not silly extreme acts, and serious crucial decisions. It supported this statement with the decision to adopt the Cambodian boy with whom got acquainted in one of shelters. Having issued papers, Angie with eagerness inherent in it plunged into cares of son Maddox. They with the kid became unseparable, and as mother Angie at last found harmony with itself, having drawn wise conclusions from the second unfortunate marriage: «Each of my two marriages didn’t hold on also three years. I was always sure that well I know the person which nearby, and in practice simply overestimated it. As a result I began to look for the father of the future children. Also found».

With Brad Pitt

Lesson the fourth: don’t leave time for quarrels

For the first time Jolie lived not for itself, and for others. Practically at the same time with emergence in Maddox’s house she becomes goodwill ambassador at the Commission of the United Nations for refugees. With humanitarian mission she visits Cambodia, Pakistan, Ecuador, Tanzania and some other the countries. Terrifying pictures of poverty so affected it that she makes the decision to devote the life to fight against poverty. All fees received for films leave on charity. «When you do something for others with all the heart, without expecting gratitude, someone writes down it in the book of destinies and sends happiness of which you didn’t dream at all» — surprisingly, how prophetical there are these words …

On shootings of the next blockbuster «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» Angelina meets the main man of the life — handsome man Brad Pitt. The screen passion between spouses killers covers actors with the head and in real life. Sparing feelings of the wife of Brad, Jennifer Aniston, they long deny the novel, but such event as pregnancy, it is impossible to hide.

Brad Pitt, long ago dreaming to become the father, leaves from Aniston. So there is the most known pair which admirers will christen “Brandzhelina”, emphasizing their nerazluchnost. Anghie and Brad really try not to leave for a long time though it isn’t so simple taking into account the sizes of their family. Today at pair six children, all of them carry Jolie-Pitt’s surname, and it yet a limit.

Therefore: whatever ill-wishers spoke, absolute harmony reigns in “Brandzhelina’s” family, in any case, so as far as it is possible at hot temperament of both spouses. «Brad at us the hostess in the house» — gently laughs Angelina and tells, how he prepares pancakes for a breakfast for all crowd.

Certainly, there are also difficult moments: «Sometimes I think, my husband — such tremendous that I don’t know, why it with me. I don’t know, whether enough I am good». But at “Brandzhelina” there is too much general that it was possible to present at least possibility of their parting. They together do charity work, bring up children, film act in, are fond of plane piloting. They haven’t enough time to spend it for quarrels — can be, it and is their well-known secret of happiness!