How to choose the perfect pot

According to studies by NAFI, in the last three years, about 80% of Russians turned to the bank, and more than 90% of them evaluate the professionalism of bank employees not below average. portal, find out exactly what the criteria inherent in the ideal bank, in the opinion of our fellow citizens.

Conducted by the National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFI) polls, which is at the disposal, showed that only one in five Russians did not apply to the bank for the last three years. “The proportion of users of banking services in Russia over the past four years has increased significantly (77% – in 2012 against 52% in 2008), – pay attention to the NAFI. – However, there are still a significant number of Russians are not involved in the sphere of consumer financial services. Thus, 33% of Russians do not currently have a single bank account (so-called category of the population unbanked). To this group belong mostly young people aged 18 to 24 years, the elderly aged 60 and older, the Russians, with low-income, rural residents and those with the level of education is below average. ”

The agency noted that the figure involved – about 78% – is too low compared to the corresponding figures in other countries. In the U.S., for example, the proportion of unbanked-customers is not more than 5% of the population. “It is important to understand on what question the Russians are turning to banks – says the Advisor to the Chairman of Master-Bank Olga Boycharova. – Talking about a serious public debt load is not worth it, and if we consider the issue of placement of equity, we can say that the population has had such a “culture.”

NAFI also surveys revealed that Russians consider representatives of the banks with which they happen to communicate, first-rate. Thus, 41% of respondents said that professional service their bank staff is average, 32% – above the average, while 21% indicated that they were dealing with a high level of professionalism of the workers.

“These results suggest several trends – according to NAFI. – Russians for the most part so far only acquire financial services and have extensive experience of using them. Therefore, communication with the employees of the bank as part of the service process retain their importance and relevance to the domestic consumer. However, with the acquisition of such experience and range of banking services and consumption requirements for the level of competence of employees of banks increases. That is why the inexperienced consumers tend to more positively evaluate the level of professionalism of bank representatives, and more experienced often criticized. ”

Criteria for the best

It should be noted that the requirement for the presence of high-level professionals in the top-5 (according to a study by NAFI) of the main characteristics that define ideal bank for consumers. He spoke for 32% of the respondents. In fourth place for the customers of credit institutions should support its government (38%). In the three-criteria “winners” include attractive product of the bank (50%), fast, efficient service without queues (45%) and reputation of the bank (39%).

However, for customers of credit institutions are essential, and other characteristics. Nearly one in four respondents indicated that the ideal bank should be modern and technological, as well as conveniently located offices and ATMs and a convenient schedule, better if the bank will recommend friends or relatives. According to 22% of Russians have a perfect credit institution must be large network, and 19% mentioned that they value and place an online service with the bank. It is curious that among these indicators there was no place the criterion of being reliable. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the deposit insurance system works flawlessly, allowing people less afraid for the safety of their savings.

Other popular answers about the ideal bank, “His staff should be friendly and always willing to help” (so to say 16% of respondents), “He has to implement social projects, including charity” (15%), “About him to respond well in the media “(14%). But intelligibility campaign credit organization and design of its offices is important only for 4% of respondents.

“The image of the ideal of the bank in the understanding of our population and has a quite specific national characteristics – according to the NAFI. – Price criteria, the service with no queues and the availability of state of the bank – the factors that are sverhaktualnost and significance is for Russians. This situation is explained by objective factors – the “Soviet” the past, the young Russian banking market and low enough loyalty of our population to the banking brand. ”

It is a pity that the study did not ask NAFI respondents called the names of the ideal of banks that have all these qualities.

It is noteworthy that the view of the ideal relationship between customers and credit institutions in several different banks themselves. For example, the deputy head of the organization of retail bank “Revival” Eugene Gavrin noted that the ideal bank employee should be, first, competent in matters of all retail products and
do not specialize in any one thing. Second, it should always offer the client options products and services. Also, employees will need to be careful and customer-and, in some cases – prepared as a financial analyst for a consulting client. In this case, according to Gavrin, client includes understanding the client additional steps not included in the employee’s official duties, his willingness to meet with the client after hours for the transfer of the necessary documents, etc.

But Olga Boycharova of the Master of the opinion that the choice of an ideal bank customers should pay attention to its reliability, a wide range of its services, high-tech security system, friendly and fast service and professionalism of the credit institution.