Germany doesn’t want to rescue oligarchs

The European help to Cyprus appeared under the threat

Nadejda Kipra which banking system appeared in deep crisis, on receiving the European help become more illusive. German politicians got savage from prospect “to rescue money of Russian олиграхов”.

As the Swiss newspaper “Tagesantsayger” writes, the Federal intelligence service of Germany (BND) prepared the confidential report concerning a financial situation round Cyprus. According to this document, from rescue of the Cyprian banks on the European money the Russian oligarchs will win first of all. According to the data which have filtered into mass media, in the Cyprian offshore to be stored about 26 billion the dollars which have “flowed away” from Russia. Besides, it is a question of active use of these accounts for money laundering.

In this regard to become clear slowness of the German authorities in an assignment question to Cyprus. The day before the Cyprian Minister of Finance Vasos Sharli tried to calm the compatriots in connection with unexpected and disappointing statements of the Minister of Finance of Germany Wolfgang Shoybl. He declared that concrete negotiations on the help of the republic will actually begin only in 2013.

Let’s remind that Cyprus addressed for the help to EU and IMF in June of this year in connection with impossibility independently to carry out the program of rescue of the leaders of the banks injured with the Greek crisis. However a number of excessively drastic measures of economy offered by creditors didn’t arrange the government. Now the parties try to agree about the new scheme.

If because of a hard line of Germany the European help is late, under the threat there will be also the money which in large quantities is taken out abroad by the Russian rich men.

p.s. Anna Marushko.