Deadly gymnastics

“The Komsomol justice” found guys who acted in the extreme video which has “blown up” the Internet

For couple of days this roller was looked by more than one million users. Still – “bomb”!

On shots three guys are wrung out, tightened on fingers, jump up and do «пистолетик» – knee-bend on one foot – without any insurance on crossbeams of a television tower. At dizzy height!

However, our Internet users react to similar trick more or less quietly. And here journalists of British «The Daily Mail» were horrified and started to write about «crazy rashens» which subject itself to danger of death for the sake of «pair of hot shots».

“The Komsomol justice” found out: a roller removed on a tower of Electrostal situated near Moscow. Its height — 215 meters. To resist above such design it is very difficult: there the strong wind almost always blows. One incorrect movement — and you fly down. And to squat and acrobatic tricks only the voluntary suicide will begin to carry out.

– We wanted to receive adrenaline “emission”, instead of to become famous, – assures “”The Komsomol justice”” one of “acrobats” the 15-year-old inhabitant of Electrostal Azat Messii.

The guy is engaged in sports since six years. The last increase in the school student – воркаут. It when people swing muscles not in gyms, and on the open areas: on bars, horizontal bars and other «improvised objects». Platforms for воркаута in Moscow – a set! Why then them incurred on huge height?

– We made it, that to us it became terrible, – Azat speaks. – Otherwise why to climb, if not to be afraid?

The third thrill-seeker — a 22-year prakurshchik and the professional acrobat from Electrostal Eugene Basalayev. On video 17-year-old girlfriend Basalayeva – Evgenia helped to remove all this madness. Though, as children assure, to life of the girl threatened nothing: it stood on the protected platform of a tower.

«From adults» with children there was 24-year-old Muscovite Oleg Aksenov. It works as the security guard, studies as the lawyer, and is one of informal leaders of the movement “vorkaut” in the capital.

– We don’t propagandize such extreme hobbies, we do it for ourselves, – Oleg assures. – Why uploaded video on the Internet? Well… to share with friends.

On a roller guys warn: «Don’t try to repeat it». Alas, experience shows that such appeals almost stop nobody.


The photographer thrill-seeker was lost, having fallen from a roof

On June 6 18-year-old blogger Alexey Podchufarov fell from a post office roof on Myasnitsky in Moscow. He wanted to make a beautiful picture, leaned the elbows on a glass dome and together with the burst glass failed from tridtsatimetrovy height on a first floor floor. Eyewitnesses who ran together on noise, told that the guy literally pressed in a floor, to survive it had no chances.

Roof on Myasnitsky — popular in rufer. Alexey there climbed up not for the first time. He is engaged in “roof climbing” and a digger for a long time, investigated not only capital heights, was lit and on the Parisian. But the rufer as the sapper — is mistaken only once.