China will overtake the USA to 2016

The USA will concede to China leadership of the largest economy of the world by 2016. And then from the second place America will be pressed also by India. The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) is told about it in research.

In the report “A look for 2060: global vision of long-term growth” is noted that gross domestic product of China and India will appear more than at all states of G7 together taken.

“High rates of aging of the population, for example in Japan and the eurozone countries, will lead to deterioration of their positions in a rating of the leading states on economy growth. The countries will come to their place with a large number of the         young population, such as Indonesia and Brazil”, – it is noted in research.

Experts estimated prospects of growth of 34 member states of OECD, and also 8 countries which are not entering into G20, on prospect in 50 years.

“Annual growth of world gross domestic product on the average will make 3 %. However distinctions at rates of increase in economy of various regions of the world will be shown everything stronger: the developing states will manage to be accelerated, and the developed countries will face a return tendency”, – is told in

Income level per capita by 2060 in China will raise in 7 times, in India – approximately on as much. At this OECD warns that any of forecasts isn’t final.

“Structural reforms can stimulate long-term economic growth and increase in the income per capita both in developing, and in the developed countries”, – the secretary general of OECD Angel Gurry declared.

If the governments accept structural reforms, vital standards will grow for 16 % annually. However at the base scenario more modest rates of increase of standards will be observed.

“The economic crisis through which we passed over the last 5 years, almost came to the end. However the world in which it is necessary to live to our children and grandsons, will strongly differ from in what we live today”, – Angel Gurry considers.